Leave’s Eyes The Last Viking Midsummer Edition

September 17, 2021
Symphonic Metal
Alex Krull, Thorsten Bauer
Mastersound Studio
-Cover Artwork:
Stefan Heilemann
Stefan Heilemann, Evelyn Steinweg.

Monumental. Epic. Powerful. – The Vikings’ last battle

England in the year 1066. The decisive battle near Stamford Bridge. Warriors fighting death, the grounds soaked in blood.
Norway’s king Harald III, called Hardrada („the hard ruler“) lies dying. His whole life flashes before his eyes: cruel wars, fights
over power, journeys to exotic worlds guiding to powerful women, emperors and kings falling into ruin. The last Viking King is
dead – the Vikings’ age is over. Long live the Vikings.

“The Last Viking” is the 2020-monumental-piece of LEAVES’ EYES. The setting of the symphonic metal masterpiece couldn’t
be more tremendous. With their cult-albums “Vinland Saga” (2005) and “King of Kings” (2015) they already turned Leif
Erikssons discovery of America and the life of Norway’s first king into music. Now, LEAVES’ EYES bring the Viking Sagas to
their bombastic finale.

As always, LEAVES’ EYES attach importance to historical accuracy. History books were devoured, sagas had to be studied.
“Some tv dramas or blockbusters make me smirk when I see the Viking Sagas turned upside down. We don’t mess around in
mythology!” promises Alexander Krull (vocals), again responsible for conception and lyrics. “The Last Viking” itself would
make a great screenplay. The sagas of Hardrada are full of drama, emotions and the everlasting fights for power. “The Last
Viking” is the epic soundtrack to the mythical world of Viking adventures.

The raging pagan-hymn “Chain Of The Golden Horn” chronicles Hardrada’s dangerous escape from Byzantium, where a
heavy iron chain was hidden in the Bosporus waters to wreck hostile ships. The haunting rock opus “Dark Love Empress”
tells about the vengeful empress Zoë. When the Viking hero refuses to be one of her many lovers she has him locked in the
Byzantine dungeons. The thrilling first single showcases what a key strength the Finnish soprano-sensation Elina Siirala has
become to the band sound. In the speedy symphonic-smash hit „Serpents And Dragons“ she joins a strong duet battle with
shouter Alex, bringing Hardrada’s naval combat for the Danish crown with hundreds of longships impressively to life. The
ten-minute-epic “The Last Viking” is a spectacular ride through the variations of metal music. Being all bombastic, heavy, dark
and atmospheric at the same time, it perfectly captures all the drama in Hardrada’s life and death.

No doubt: all the musicians exactly know which buttons to push to play out all the strengths of LEAVES’ EYES. The energetic
compositions proof the ingenious skills of the song writing duo Thorsten Bauer (guitars) und Alexander Krull (vocals).
Straightforward and consequently they follow the line that already has garnered a significant worldwide fan base. Their
die-hard followers will be more than pleased with “Break Into The Sky”, acting as a best-of track combining all of the bands’
musical qualities: enthralling song structures, touching melodies and a mystic aura.

All the 14 tracks individually impress with their unique build-up, rhythm and atmosphere. Mighty drums, Mediaeval
instruments like nyckelharpa and fiddle and Celtic horns add spice to the diversified sound. The mystic elegy “Two Kings One
Realm” surprises with yet unheard facets. The dark-pop ethno sound wouldn’t be expected from Germany’s symphonic-metal
band no. 1. Mastermind Alexander Krull delivers a thrilling, fresh and razor-sharp audio production adding distinctiveness,
dynamic and roughness to the sound of LEAVES’ EYES. The new versions of the immediately sold out EP “Night Of The
Ravens“, “Serkland“ und “Black Butterfly“ make these tracks an all new adventure. The latter surprises with powerful guest
vocals of the French rock sensation Clémentine Delauney (Visions of Atlantis, Exit Eden) that terrifically bring the smash-hit to
new life.

LEAVES’ EYES have always played in a league of their own. They have toured all populated continents, frequently reach top
positions in the album charts and with every output they deliver a multimedia masterpiece when it comes to video clips and
artwork. With “The Last Viking” they surpass their own standards with the original film documentary “Viking Spirit”. Filme
worldwide, the growing Viking re-enactment scene will be visually praised here. Fronter Alex and the band became part of
this community, long ago. With this film, historical facts merge with Nordic mythology, Viking-lifestyle and the sounds of
LEAVES’ EYES, featuring friends and companions of the Viking scene. A long awaited complement to their body of work. Of
course, “The Last Viking” won’t be the closure of LEAVES’ EYES – it only fuels expectations what these geniuses will come
up next with. With “The Last Viking” Leaves’ Eyes set up their own musical monument that is just as captivating and strong as
the saga of the last Viking King itself.

(Author: Robert Suß)

Documentary on YouTube:




DVD: Viking Spirit – Documentary (90 Min.)
Viking Lifestyle
Living History
3. Vikings Of The World
4. Alex The Viking
5. Norse Mythology & Music
6. Viking Family
7. Fighting Styles
8. Værjaborg Training
9. Weststorm Training
10. Northstorm Training
11. Ulflag Warhost
12. Viking Events
13. Slawentage
14. Wikingertage
15. Wolin
17. Viking Workshop
18. Viking Art
19. Leaves’ Eyes Viking Crew.

1. Chain Of The Golden Horn
2. Dark Love Empress
3. Blazing Waters (Bonus)
4. Studio Making Of.


Elina Siirala (Vocals), Alexander Krull (Vocals), Thorsten Bauer (Guitar, Bass), Micki Richter (Guitar), Joris Nijenhuis (Drums)

CD or DVD: (02:36:04)
CD1 01 – Death Of A King | CD1 02 – Chain Of The Golden Horn | CD1 03 – Dark Love Empress | CD1 04 – Serpents And
Dragons | CD1 05 – Black Butterfly (feat. Clémentine Delauney)
 | CD1 06 – War Of Kings | CD1 07 – For Victory | CD1 08 – Two Kings One Realm | CD1 09 – Flames In The Sky | CD1 10 –
Serkland | CD1 11 – Varangians | CD1 12 – Night Of The Ravens | CD1 13 – The Last Viking | CD1 14 – Break Into The Sky Of
Aeon | CD2 01 – Death Of A King (Instrumental) | CD2 02 – Chain Of The Golden Horn (Instrumental) | CD2 03 – Dark Love
Empress (Instrumental) | CD2 04 – Serpents And Dragons (Instrumental) | CD2 05 – Black Butterfly (Instrumental) | CD2 06 –
War Of Kings (Instrumental) | CD2 07 – For Victory (Instrumental) | CD2 08 – Two Kings One Realm (Instrumental) | CD2 09 –
Flames In The Sky (Instrumental) | CD2 10 – Serkland (Instrumental) | CD2 11 – Varangians (Instrumental) | CD2 12 – Night
Of The Ravens (Instrumental) | CD2 13 – The Last Viking (Instrumental) | CD2 14 – Break Into The Sky Of Aeon (Instrumental)
| CD3 01 – Await Orre’s Storm (Soundtrack) | CD3 02 – Galeids Of The Væringjar (Soundtrack) | CD3 03 – Dread Hand’s
Fame (Soundtrack) | CD3 04 – Into The Depths Of Hell (Soundtrack) | CD3 05 – Chain Of The Golden Horn (Soundtrack
Version) | CD3 06 – Land Of The Rus (Soundtrack) | CD3 07 – The Golden Secret (Soundtrack) | CD3 08 – Past Wide Plains
(Soundtrack) | CD3 09 – Death Of A King (Soundtrack Version) | CD3 10 – Blazing Waters (2020 Version) |


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